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Free Shipping on all US orders!
We ship Worldwide! Rates shown at checkout
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Welcome to LR Things where you can order Litter-Robot compatible accessories that are made-to-order just for you! All of our products are made with 3D printers or CO2 laser cutters!

Production Note
Orders are completed in the order they are received, the sooner you submit your order the sooner it will get to you! All orders are currently made-to-order and all sales are final. If you have an issue with your order please reach out so I can make it right!

Shipping Note
Once your order is packed up we will generate a tracking number that will be emailed to you. If you don’t see our order confirmation email please check your spam/junk folder.

We will ship Worldwide! Rates are shown at checkout, if you have any questions about shipping options please see the contact page to get in touch. 

LR4 Guards

It’s finally here, the LR Things Guard for the Litter-Robot 4! Available in three colors, Crystal Clear, Glossy/Matte Black and Glossy/Matte White to perfectly match your LR4. Our solution to the diggers and the kitties that don’t know to get their bums all the way inside the LR uses the fence that is included with your LR4 to securely attach our LR4 Guard to the front rim of the Litter-Robot. 

LR3 Guards

Our LR3 Guard is a sturdier and taller solution than Litter-Robot’s Fence. It comes in two different styles that use the same clips on either style so you can change out one panel for the other if you decide one style works better than the other. You have the option to addon the other style panel when ordering. Now available as 3D Printed or laser cut Acrylic!

LR3 Shields

“Shield [SHēld] verb protect someone or something from a danger, risk, or unpleasant experience.” Our Shields were created to protect the Litter-Robot from an over zealous little kitty who wanted to take a ride on the LR3 carousel every time it cycled.

The Protector

When there is a battle a Protector is called upon to help defeat the enemy. In this case that enemy happens to be your furry buddies causing mischief and mayhem on an expensive piece of electronic equipment that we would rather they don’t mess around with.

The Protector was born of two other parts, the Half Guard and the Alt Shield! Together they keep the enemy out and litter and waste in, where they were always meant to be.


Other 3D printed accessories for your Litter-Robot 3! Stay tuned because there are always more accessories coming! Do you have an idea for an amazing LR3 accessory? Tap the chat button and send me a message to discuss!

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